araCare Managed Services

Monitored, Managed, Supported. Keep ownership of your infrastructure, but take the heat off IT when it comes to maintaining IBM Analytics.

Whether you host your IBM Analytics servers in-house or in your own cloud platform, if you’re finding that maintaining and supporting your IBM Analytics applications is putting too much pressure on your IT team, Aramar Technologies may be able to help.

With so much activity and ever-changing business requirements, keeping up to date with IBM Analytics skills can be a difficult thing for IT to prioritise.

Whilst the products can remain error free for long periods, when something does go wrong, having the ability to quickly understand the issues and know where to start looking for a solution can be the difference between high stress and simply getting on with your work.

Working with Aramar Technologies to manage your IBM Analytics platform means that we take the pressure when things go wrong, we have years of experience designing, building and supporting IBM Analytics platforms and will use this experience to your benefit just when you need it the most.  And when we encounter a problem that we’re unable to fix, then we will deal with IBM Support on your behalf to get the answers we need. 

If one thing is for certain, when you’re up to your neck in month-end, the last thing you need is to spend hours on the phone to IBM trying to fix your problems.