Ten Steps to Cyber Security

How you can significantly lower the risk of cyber attacks on your business.

The NCSC promotes The Ten Steps to Cyber Security – these ten steps are commonly believed to significantly reduce the impact of a Cyber Attack on an organisation. 

Aramar Technologies helps customers to increase their organisations resilience and improve information security practices throughout their businesses which can lead to reduced risk of exposure in the event of an attack. 

Risk Management Regime 

Aramar Technologies can help you devise and communicate your approach to risk management across the business to ensure that all of your employees, contractors and suppliers are aware of your approach to Risk Management and how you make decisions and define your risk boundaries. 

Secure configuration 

Using a wide range of tools and techniques Aramar Technologies can help you to increase the security of your IT infrastructure through the implementation of patch management, managed anti-virus, regular vulnerability scanning and the removal of unnecessary features and services which could increase your attack surface. 

Network security 

There are many ways network security can be improved, whether it’s reviewing your boundary security (Firewalls) or overhauling the way you and your staff work to bring in greater control of where your data is stored and where it travels. 

Aramar Technologies will help you identify your data sources and systems and provide advice where appropriate to make it easier to control who accesses your data and from where. 

Managing user privileges 

In past years we’ve worked at many companies and found that it is still common to find that users often have access to files and systems that they simply don’t need in order to carry out their daily work.  Often this is a situation that has arisen over many years and nobody has realised there’s even a problem! 

Aramar Technologies can audit your system privileges across your key systems and provide recommendations to tighten controls which will lead to greater security and auditability around who has access to your data.

User education and awareness 

Even with the best controls in the world in place, or the best security and antivirus products, your systems could still be compromised.  Many now realise that the weakest parts of a security system can be people!   

People want to trust people.  Because of this, they can easily be tricked into giving access to systems, to data or opening that link in that suspicious email, which then launches a backdoor program or infects with a virus. 

Aramar Technologies can support your employees by providing user awareness workshops, making your business a more security-conscious workplace. 

Incident management 

Aramar Technologies have template plans available and can help you tailor these to your specific business needs, providing you with a detailed and defined plan of action that will help you know what processes to put into place in the event of an attack or other incident.  

Malware prevention 

Aramar Technologies is a Sophos Managed Service provider, we can help increase and simplify your organisations Malware Prevention strategy by implementing Sophos Central (link) across your organisation.  With a unified, cloud-based dashboard to make the deployment and management of Anti-virus software simple, you can rest assured that you’re protected at all times. 


The ability to know what 'normal' looks like can be key to spotting when you are under attack.  Understanding 'normal' means monitoring your systems at all times.  Aramar Technologies can offer a variety of options to help your organisation monitor systems as well as user behaviour which can provide alerts when suspicious behaviour takes place. 

Removable media controls 

Whilst USB sticks can be a convenient way to move data around, they can also present a significant risk to security, carrying viruses or even simply by getting lost or left in public places. Aramar Technologies can help advise on the safe and appropriate use of removable media as well as how to encrypt these devices if needed, protecting the data within. 

Home and mobile working 

Mobile working and Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) are increasingly popular in the workplace, but this reduced control can expose new risks to be managed. 

Using a range of products and services such as Amazon Workspaces (to provide controlled desktop computing for users) or MaaS360 to manage security and provide auditing capabilities for mobile devices, Aramar Technologies can help reduce this risk significantly and provide you with more control and oversight of how, when and from where your systems and data are being accessed.