User Awareness Training

What you need to know about the risk from your own employees.

In a 2018 Insider Threat report, a survey found that 53% of companies had reported confirmed insider threats.

51% of those compromises came as a result of accidental or unintentional actions carried out by the users.

Educating your team can significantly reduce the likelihood of experiencing a breach due to negligence.

67% of those surveyed saw Phishing as being a significant enabler of accidental insider threats with 56% citing weak or re-used passwords. 

Aramar Technologies has partnered with Bob's Business and Sophos to provide options for user awareness training.  Each offering contains a range of short courses designed to educate users of all levels on the risks and how to mitigate them.

Create learning paths for your staff members and monitor their progress to help with compliance and to identify when further training is required.

Simulated Attacks

Use professionally designed templates based on email formats from well known companies to test your users ability to identify suspcious emails.