The Tech Bit

IBM Analytics is a specialist product and we have a specialist team ready to keep your systems in top form. Working hand-in-hand with your business we can help bridge the gap between finance and IT


We use Splunk to forward CPU metrics, RAM usage, disk space, Database Server logs and of course IBM Analytics Logs to our servers for monitoring, alerting and analysis.  This can be forwarded over a HTTPS connection on the internet or a site-to-site VPN, depending on your preference.

Server Access

We require some form of VPN access to the servers, site-to-site is preferred for convenience, but where individual accounts are required, we request an account for each member of the team.  This is useful for auditing purposes as well as being best practice.

We need VPN to ensure that we can connect as and when needed, this allows us to provide the most efficient service.

What we cover

We will of course look after the IBM Analytics servers, to include the software and configuration as well as the database servers (if needed) where we will configure maintenance plans and ensure that backups to disk are occurring on a regular basis.

What we don’t cover

We’re not looking to step on toes when it comes to maintain the server infrastructure, so we don’t typically perform operating system maintenance, such as applying fix packs or making changes to the OS outside of what is needed for IBM Analytics support.  For this we would work with internal IT to get changes made as appropriate.

Server antivirus and other security will be left to you, we will advise around the applications requirements, and offer any other guidance if asked, but we try and keep it clear that we’re maintaining IBM Analytics, not the infrastructure as a whole.

This also applies to disaster recovery, we ensure that data is backed up to disk, but we rely on IT to back up the important data off the server.