The Financial Bit

araCare support is made up of two elements; the monthly retainer and the support pack. 

The Monthly Retainer

This is a monthly fee covering the base level of service that we provide, it includes:

  • Access to support desk services such as telephone support and web portal
  • Real-time monitoring of your Cognos servers
  • Regular service reviews by phone and on-site
  • System health-checks
  • VPN connectivity

The Support Pack

Should you encounter a problem using your software or our monitoring uncovers an issue, we log time against a pre-paid 50 hour support pack.  Time is logged in 15 minute increments to maximise the value of the pack.

Each month we will send you a detailed statement of how your support pack was used and as you near the end of the year we will recommend changes that can be made to improve your experience should you have a significant number of remaining hours on your account.