How it works

An overview of Managed Services from Aramar Technologies. IBM Analytics: Simplified.

To provide the service, we install monitoring tools onto your IBM Analytics servers, these send back error log information to our servers, from there we monitor dashboards and receive alerts when errors occur.

In the event of an error, we pro-actively log a support case and investigate the issue, only contacting you if there’s a reason to believe you may have been affected by the issue.

Over time, our monitoring logs build up and we can obtain a historic view of how youre system behaves.  We can use this information to identify and fix recurring issues, and also to help us make recommendations on how you can improve performance or reduce waste in your environment and ultimately, maybe, save on infrastructure costs.

If on occasion you experience an error on the client-side of the software, you’re able to contact us via telephone, email or web portal to raise a ticket, at which point we will gather some information from you to assist us in replicating the issue so that we can work on fixing the problem whilst you get back to work.

Familiarity is key

Because we will have intimate knowledge of your systems, we are able to quickly get to the root of any problems and quickly determine what is “normal” and what is not.

This familiarity also helps us be more efficient for you when planning updates or upgrades as we have to ask fewer questions in order to provide you with recommendations and architecture designs.