IBM Licence Metric Tool (ILMT)

Licensing compliance solutions for IBM Analytics Suite

IBM License Metric Tool Logo

IBM License Metric Tool Logo

ILMT management can be included in the Aramar Technologies Cloud Hosting Service and the Aramar Technologies Managed Service or we can provide ILMT as a stand-alone managed service option.

What is ILMT?

IBM products such as IBM Cognos Planning Analytics (TM1), Domino, DB2, Tivoli and Websphere are PVU rated. It is a way of measuring the processing power that these products use and is based on the type of processor and the number of cores in your servers.  To help with tracking your active PVU count IBM provides a free licence audit tool called the IBM Licence Metric Tool (ILMT).  

If you have a virtualised environment you may need to install and run ILMT to provide an audit of the number of PVUs that you are using. This is to ensure that clients are not exceeding their authorised processing power to go outside of their licensed PVUs.  IBM states that installing and running ILMT is the customer's responsibility and not that of a Business Partner, who may not have the skills to do this.   

Customers are required to install ILMT within 90 days of their first deployment of the IBM products into a virtualised environment. 

There are exceptions. If you have less than 1,000 employees and contractors throughout the world you may be exempt.  Also, if the total processing capacity of your worldwide virtualised environment are rated at less than 1,000 PVUs, you will not need to run ILMT and can instead opt to manually manage and monitor your license usage. 

The ILMT software is free to download for IBM customers. However, because of its importance to the auditability of their environment many clients prefer the peace of mind of working with Aramar Technologies to install their ILMT and get it up and running and monitoring your PVU rated software. We can also for a small monthly fee provide a managed service for ILMT which would include ensuring the reports are being run each month and that the ILMT software is kept up to date.  However it is important to understand that the responsibility still lies with the customer to ensure their compliance.  Aramar Technologies will monitor and check the ILMT system is operating correctly, kept up to date and that reports are output, the customer will need to validate and sign off the reports each month.  

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