The Tech Bit

Information for IT or anyone else interested in how araCloud is built

araCloud is built using best-of-breed technology, tools that we trust to help us provide an excellent customer experience.


Amazon Web Services

Our infrastructure is built on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.  AWS is one of the biggest cloud infrastructure providers in the world and a leader when it comes to innovation.



Servers are selected according to the performance needs of our customers and can be flexed up or down as required to provide a balance between cost and performance at critical periods.


Amazon Workspaces

Virtual Desktops are provided to all users who need “Fat Client” access to the IBM Analytics environment.  These Workspaces typically come with Microsoft Office licenses included, however if your organisation has Office 365 licenses, we can utilise your existing licenses to save costs on a monthly basis.



We use Splunk to monitor multiple aspects of the infrastructure and IBM Analytics software, this gives us advanced capabilities to track, monitor and investigate issues correlating information including CPU, RAM, disk usage, Operating System logs, security logs and IBM Analytics application logs to help us rapidly determine the cause of issues, as they arise and often before the problem has surfaced to the end-user.



Our anti-virus protection is provided by Sophos, managed via the Sophos Central portal we are able to gain a unified view of the status of all of the servers and any threats that are detected in real-time.


Windows and Linux

As the IBM products can run on Windows or Linux, we select the operating system depending on which is most suitable for a given customers needs.  Some of the IBM Analytics products require Microsoft Windows, others do not. 


Microsoft SQL Server

As the most common database platform amongst IBM Analytics customers globally, we base all of our client environments on Microsoft SQL Server.  If requested for any reason, we can install IBM DB2 or Oracle, but by far, the most tried and trusted database platform for IBM Analytics is Microsoft SQL Server.

The products that we've used to build the araCloud service are found among the products that we offer as individual offerings to our customer. We believe in the products that we sell and so we use them ourselves, every day. Eating our own dog-food!