The Financial Bit

How araCloud costs work to balance cost with flexibility

Operating in the cloud comes with advantages and disadvantages, sometimes it can seem expensive when compared with the costs of on-site hosting.  It's important to consider that when you outsource operations to the cloud, the costs can include many things such as physical security of the data centre, power and cooling, physical servers, data storage and so on. 

Every aspect of the araCloud system can be tuned up or down, increasing or decreasing costs as and when needed.  For example, if you have a key period coming up, we can increase server resources to ensure you have as much compute power as you need during that time.  Once you’re done and the system becomes quieter, we can dial back the specifications and save money for your organisation.

Equally, if we are able to determine the base performance requirements, resources can be reserved for a period of time, this can lead to vast savings through committing to a minimum period where you will keep the servers.

Through our regular checks and monitoring we will look for ways that we can save you money and make suggestions to help control costs.