eNett Success Story

We caught up with James Couch from eNett International to hear about how we helped them go-live with their IBM Analytics platform.

What was eNett looking to improve that led you to engage Aramar Technologies?

Prior to implementing the tools provided by Aramar Technologies, all the financial planning and analysis work at eNett was done using spreadsheet models. We knew there was a better and more effective way of managing this work so we were keen on implementing IBM Analytics tools.

“We needed a service that rolled up support and hosting into a single bundle with one point of contact being able to resolve problems efficiently”.


And what did you do?

We decided to work with Aramar Technologies as they are an an Amazon Web Services partner with specialist skills in IBM Analytics software.

They offer a service called araCloud that gave us custom-built Analytics platform hosted in Amazon Web Services’ infrastructure. This is combined with smart-monitoring and end-to-end support services that looks after everything from the server infrastructure through to the applications delivered to the end users.

This deep understanding of both the applications and infrastructure, meant that eNett were able to get a one-stop-shop to efficiently launch a world-wide Analytics platform without the need to train IT support staff to look after a specialist application.

Did you get the improvements you expected?

araCloud has helped eNett to quickly go-live with their IBM Analytics platform, allowing them to concentrate all their energy on developing the application models and reports the business needs, without having to be distracted by technical matters.

What was it like working with Aramar?

“Like eNett, Aramar listen to their customers and are easy to deal with. They are quick to respond and proactively reach out before we even know there is an issue. They feel like part of the eNett team and have enabled us to deliver cutting edge Financial BI tools within a short period of time.”