Security Reviews

Our multi-phased cybersecurity review process is designed to help organisations learn more about the state of their security whilst keeping control of the effort around making improvements.

Our Approach

When it comes to helping your organisation gain a better understanding of cybersecurity and your needs in this area, we like to work closely with you to learn about how you currently operate and the people you work with.

We hope most clients will already have a trusted IT department or links with local companies who already provide you with IT services, our aim is to work with your existing providers to help identify areas for improvement to supplement the work they are already doing.

We will make recommendations which may be able to be implemented by your existing provider.  Our services might be considered an insurance policy or a useful way of reassuring yourself that everything is good.

We work to present clear and acheivable objectives at each stage to further strengthen your organisations security.

Phase-One Review

The first phase of our cybersecurity review is a free, no-obligation two-hour review.  This is designed to cover some basics of good cyber-hygeine and to learn more about your organisation, how you use technology and where improvements can be made.

You will be given a report outlining what was found and some recommendations to resolve those issues.  Many of the recommendations may only require a time-investment from your business, whereas others might involve further products or services.

These products or services can be obtained from your preferred provider and we will always recommend what we feel is best for your business, not what is best for ours. 

Where we are able to offer a service, we will explain what we can do for you, but we will never give you a hard sell. 

Phase-Two Review

Once you've had time to think about the output from the first-phase review, you may want to consider a deeper review into your business.  We will use the output from the first phase to provide you with an estimate for how much work we think will be needed to carry out the phase-two review.

The phase-two review will be carried out at your business premises, visiting multiple sites if appropriate and talking to members of your team about how they work, challenges they face.  We'll aim to look at many different areas of your IT systems, processes, procedures and policies.

At the end of this phase a more detailed report will be produced with further recommendations and details of the recommended next steps.