IBM MaaS360

Workers are more mobile than ever before. With company data accessible via mobile phones, tablets and laptops the concept of a "network perimeter" is becoming ever less clear. Gain insight and control over your company devices like never before with IBM MaaS360.

Gaining control of your organisations mobile devices is incredibly important for all business sizes and types.  The potential loss or theft of any of your phones, tablets or laptops could be catastrophic to your business.

Now that the GDPR is in force, there is a greater responsibility on business owners to ensure that devices are secured and protected to prevent the loss of personal data, this is just one way in which products such as IBM MaaS360 can help.

You are able to gain deep insight into the status of yoru devices, see at a glance whether devices are encrypted or have up to date antivirus products installed, check that the latest operating system updates are applied or see who has potentially dangerous applications installed.

You can even locate devices, lock and wipe them remotely or set policies to control how devices are used, what functions are available (such as camera use) or push applications to devices so that they are automatically available to your employees.

Contact us today to learn more about the many capabilities of IBM MaaS360 or sign up for a free trial to see first-hand the levels of control you can have over your organisations devices.

Aramar Technologies can also offer IBM MaaS360 as a Managed Service for organisations who don't have the time or resources to manage device policies themselves.