araCare for Cybersecurity

Managed Cybersecurity Services for those who don't have the time for do-it-yourself.

We offer all of our services with a managed option because not all organisations have the time to learn about cybersecurity or to keep up with all of the latest changes in the industry.

With araCare for Cybersecurity, you can have Aramar Technologies take care of your organisations security leaving you free to carry on with doing business.

Our team will manage your firewall's, Wi-Fi access points, anti-malware, endpoint device control, user awareness training programmes, secutity audits and vulnerability assessments whilst maintainign regular contact with you to keep you in the know about anything important as it arises.

When critical decisions need to be made, our team will let you know and we will explain all you need to know to ensure that you remain in control, without having to learn the ins-and-outs of the products that are protecting your business.

Each client's requriements are taken into account and a bespoke packe of services can be offered to make sure you have just the level of protection you need.

To learn more about how araCare for Cybersecurity can help your business, contact us today!