Cloud Desktop

Make your team truly mobile with a cloud based desktop computer that can be used from almost any device

Today's users are more mobile than ever, and more want to work on their preferred devices at times that suit them.

This can cause problems for IT who often find themselves trying to support an ever growing list of platforms.

With Amazon Web Services you can roll out a common desktop experience across all of your users, regardless of what devices they happen to be working on with a secure and truly mobile platform called Amazon Workspaces.

Amazon Workspaces gives each user a dedicated desktop Windows or Linux based in the AWS cloud, which is accessible via Windows, Mac, Android or iOS devices.  Regardless of how you connect, your applications and data will all be available, just where you left them.

Alternatively, if you prefer to provide access to specific applications via a web browser, you can acheive this using Amazon AppStream.  Build scaleable fleets of applications available on-demand, accessible securely from anywhere that you have an internet connection.